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Street Hope reaches women trapped in extreme poverty and survival prostitution.

The Street Hope program is focused on building relationships with women who are trapped in extreme poverty and have been forced into a situation where often their only option to provide for themselves and their children is to sell their bodies.


Street Hope teaches these women life skills, financial skills, vocational skills, and a foundation of faith.

Designed as a two-year program, Street Hope provides counseling, healthy relationships, and sharing  teach them of God’s love to allow healing to begin. Practical life skills such as financial planning and budgeting, and vocational skills are offered so that the women can develop skills for jobs providing dignity.  


Street Hope releases the women who complete the program as beacons of hope and light in their communities.

When equipped with the skills to provide for their families in dignified jobs and being released from the bondage of human trafficking, they become beacons of hope for others in their communities.

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Are you inspired by the Mission of Street Hope? Become an advocate and show your support by partnering with us for the year 2020! Being an Advocate allows you to begin to get some special looks inside Street Hope throughout 2020 as you will receive a special Street Hope Advocate welcome packet and more!



You can provide immediate impact to Street Hope through a donation. All monetary donations go directly into the operating fund for Street Hope. Periodically there are also opportunities for in-kind donations for fundraisers. 


Would you like to donate your time to help the women of Street Hope? There are a variety of opportunities available throughout the year. Whether you would enjoy helping with inventory from the Street Hope artisans, assisting with fundraisers or social media, writing notes of encouragement, or one of many other options, we would love to have your help! Sign up for our volunteer email list to stay informed as opportunities become available.

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